Damian L. Sommerville


Personal Biography

Dr. Sommerville has been practicing dentistry since 2004. In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching soccer. He is a big fan of Barcelona in Spain and Juventus in Italy. He is married with three children. He practiced in the parish of Clarendon in Jamaica from August 2011 to August 2013, where he worked for the Southern Regional Health Authority, treating patients at a number of clinics throughout the parish.


New York University College of Dentistry; New York, NY


Chemistry, Morgan State University; Baltimore, MD


“‘Is this my best effort?’ I ask myself this simple yet profound question with each patient I see. And, as my patient, you can rest assured that I strive to exceed my best with each and every patient interaction.”

Personal Favorites

Dr. Sommerville’s favorite book is Outliers, his favorite movie is Crimson Tide, and his favorite vacation spot is Jamaica.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer trips to Jamaica with Healthcare International


Founded Smilerite Dental Care in May Pen, Jamaica